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This website is intended for physicians and trainees specializing in neuropsychiatry and related fields of medicine.  It offers a systematic and intuitive approach to the challenging endeavour of diagnostic formulation in clinical neuropsychiatry, via the Neuropsychiatric Formulation Chart*, available for free download.  It is based on the NECSA (Neuropsychiatric Effects of CNS Structural Abnormalities) Classification*, developed by Dr. Islam Hassan, a specialist physician with board certification in Neuropsychiatry (UCNS) and EEG (CSCN), and Clinical Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

  • Hassan I (2015). The Neuropsychiatric Effects of CNS Structural Abnormalities (NECSA) classification: An aid to differential diagnosis. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 49: 943.

  • Hassan I (2019). Formulation in neuropsychiatry: a stepwise approach. Australasian Psychiatry 27: 411-2. 

This website is intended for use by suitably qualified medical practitioners, who assume full responsibility for the application of any of its content in their clinical practice.  Views and opinions expressed on this website are those of Dr. Hassan and do not necessarily represent those of organizations with which he is affiliated.

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